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This is a set of instructions on how to use 2FITBODY nutrition calculator our calculator is exceptionally useful to both personal trainers and anybody who wants to keep their diet in check.

New profile
In order to start a new meal profile with no entries in it click +New profile on your left.

Save profile
After you are done with editing your diet/meal plan - you can save it for later use. In the Save profile as: box type in the name of profile you want to save it as and press Save. Your saved personal profiles appear on the left side under Saved profiles:. New saved profile should IMMEDIATELY appear in saved profiles section. Profile can be viewed/edited by clicking on its name.

Delete profile
To delete one of your saved profiles - click the corresponding button to the right side of the profile's name

Private profile / profile privacy
If the lock appears as this means people with whom you share this profile can access it. On the other hand if lock appears as this means no one, except you can access it. (No one can modify profile except you)

You can switch between the available privacy modes by clicking the lock icon.

Share profile To get a share link for a profile - click on the corresponding button, and copy the link in the pop-up.

Save shared profile
Anyone can save a profile that was shared with them. Follow the same procedure as one for saving a profile of your own creation. In other words, type in the desired name in Save profile as: box, and press the Save button.

Search for food
To search for the food you wish to use in your meal plan simply type the name or a part of it into the Food: search box and press the Search button or press Enter key on your keyboard.

Add own food
If you did not find the desired food in our food database, you can add it anyways, if you know the nutritional values of it.
You can do so, simply by clicking the Add button to the right of the food Search button, and after filling out the form click Save.
Now you can simply search for it, and add to your meal plan normally.

Add Food to meal plan column
After finding the food you were looking for, you can add it to your meal plan simply if you Drag and drop it over to the left side column.

Change mass / calories / protein / carbs / fats values of foods
Simply type in the desired corresponding value and all the other nutritional values will be changed immediately to suit your input.

What are meals? (grey items)
These help you to break down your diet plan into separate meals which you can see the nutrition information for, in each meal.

Separate meals
If you wish to add a separate/extra meal, you can do so if you Drag the very first meal of the day, which by default is called Breakfast(dark grey item). You can now rename your new meal to anything you wish.

Delete/Remove items from the meal plan
To delete/remove food or meal separator from the meal plan - you simply need to Drag that item and drop it over to the right side/column (where the food search results are being displayed)

Checkbox / disable meal or food
To disable/remove certain food from the nutritional computation - check/uncheck the corresponding checkbox